Degree programmes in architecture

The Department offers Bachelor and Master degree programmes in Architecture. Students complete a Bachelor of Science degree programme first and then continue with a Master in Science degree programme.

Bachelor level programmes are taught in Finnish and/or in Swedish only. Master level studies in architecture are provided also in English.

Degree programmes in architecture

Architecture requires learning of professional practice, personal artistic development and technical knowledge of building. Education provides students first with basic designing, planning and technical skills, with a wide outlook on an architect’s field of work. Students are encouraged to develop their artistic mind, senses and creativity, environmentally and socially responsible thinking and communicative abilities.

Architectural education starts by basic studies in architecture and related fields,  focusing on environment, natural phenomena and students’ own senses.A lot of model work is exercised in order to improve material experience and spatial consciousness. A starting point is to encourage a close relationship to the contemporary visual arts. The first two study years are almost identical, but later it is possible to focus on more specialized studies according to individual interests.

The study programme is versatile; in addition to architecture, the curriculum for students of architecture comprises urban design and planning and landscape architecture. Teaching covers the whole cultural environment; the built environment as well as the designing of a natural landscape.

In addition to the studies at the Department, students are encouraged to take part of their studies or vocational training abroad.



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